About Werntz

At Werntz & Associates, we believe that a professional employee benefit consulting firm should:
  1. Be completely independent and exclusively represent clients;
  2. Provide a broad range of services, including actuarial, objective setting, plan design, administrative, and communication services;
  3. Develop creative and innovative solutions to problems where existing approaches do not provide the desired or best possible solution;
  4. Recognize and stress the personal relationship of services;
  5. Maintain an experienced and highly trained staff, with emphasis on continual updating and education;
  6. Provide prompt and competent actuarial, administrative, and consulting services under the supervision of qualified professionals.
  7. Have a proven record of successful experience in this complex and highly specialized field, including the ability to submit references confirming its professional competency and reliability;
  8. Be financially independent and have a record of financial substance and stability.

Werntz & Associates, Inc.

was established in the belief that the medium sized and small metropolitan areas of the country need professional actuarial, administrative, and consulting services on a localized basis, and that these small cities could and would support such a professional firm. Our experience has proven the premise to be correct. Furthermore, we have found our costs (and thus our fees) to be considerably lower when compared to firms who operate from a base in the larger cities.

Since 1969

Our firm is one of a few consulting firms who devotes its time exclusively to the field of employee benefits. The firm has grown substantially since its founding in 1969, and today maintains offices in Louisiana and Oklahoma. The firm provides actuarial, consulting and/or administrative services for over 800 clients. Our staff include consultants, professional administrators, and other highly trained and experienced specialists.

We look forward to serving your employee benefit administration.

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