Defined Benefit Plan


The Defined Benefit plans is one of the oldest and yet newest type of retirement plans. These plans can be used to maximize deductions when used in combination with a Defined Contribution Plan. W&A, Inc,. provides all of the services necessary to adopt, administer and amend this kind of retirement plan.

Plan Provisions

Defined benefit plans define a benefit payable at retirement. The employer then funds the plan to provide the benefit. Any asset return is borne by the employer. If the return exceeds the plan assumption, the cost of the plan is reduced. If the actual return is less than the assumed return, the employer funds the additional amounts. Employees who leave prior to retirement will help to provide benefits for the employees who remain. These plans are not subject to the 25% of pay contribution limitations that limit funding to defined contribution plans. The limitation on funding is set by the benefits that are being provided. This allows for much larger potential deductions to be taken in this style of plan.


The W&A, Inc. defined benefit program provides the employer with the ability to effectively communicate with its employees and to inform employees of their benefits under the plan. The program includes professional plan administration, compliance, consulting and communications.

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